On a Mission to

Challenge and

Inspire People


Craig Walker

Craig Walker is on a mission to challenge and inspire people to live their very best life with the most impact possible. Through books, blogs, television shows, and social media platforms, he inspires all to pursue their God-given, extraordinary destiny.



Craig Walker is a published author of books focusing on personal growth in Christ. His latest book, Born for the Extraordinary, challenges you to answer the higher calling that is within you, exposing the adventure that you were created for!



Modernizing technology through WiFi Jesus and satellite video, Craig Walker has opened up a superhighway into the 10/40 window nations to reach 100million souls. As a former missionary to China and Czechoslovakia, Craig’s passion is to see churches planted, equipped, and continually supported as a result of each crusade. Through a network of native pastors, WiFi Jesus has seen over 1,250,000 souls won for Christ since 2018.

Wifi Jesus


Pastor Craig Walker is the Lead pastor of Upward Church, an Online Church with physical campuses. With multi campus churches in Florida, Virginia, and Online, his passion is to reach as many as possible as fast as they can, and make disciples. Reaching into many nations, the Online church has grown to minister to thousands of people seeking redemption and hope.

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